Looking back, longing forward

Marco Derks (18 May 2012) d2013 has been a stirring year in many ways. Having become unemployed in April 2012 and having been unsuccessful in job applications, in 2013 I continued to take the challenge to make a living as a freelancer. I edited and/or translated different texts (books, reports, web pages, exhibition panels, subtitles), chaired discussions and managed processes. Although it did not provide enough income, it did provide possibilities for developing my skills, accepting new challenges, keeping up my network and doing things I like. Besides, it enabled me to spend more time on working on several publications and to develop a research proposal. At the end of June, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) decided to fund the research project I had been working on with Ruard Ganzevoort, Anne-Marie Korte, David Bos and Mariecke van den Berg. So as of 1 September, I don’t need to worry about money matters (just a little) and I can now finally work on a PhD project.

This year I visited friends in Newcastle (UK) and Leuven (Belgium), travelled to Echternach (Luxembourg) for the procession of St. Willibrord, enjoyed a holiday to Mallorca (Spain), and attended two conferences in New York and Baltimore (USA). I have some wishes for next year…

With respect to publications, this has been a quite productive year. I have published one book chapter, three magazine papers, and one book review (and I have been interviewed for a newspaper and a magazine). None of these papers have been peer reviewed and they are all in Dutch. But this will, hopefully, change in 2014. I have recently finished a co-authored book chapter, which has been accepted. Last June I submitted a paper and in November a second paper (co-authored) to two different peer reviewed journals – I am waiting with bated breath for the peer reviewer’s reports.

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