Expert meeting Public Discourse on Religion and Homosexuality in Europe

On Friday 16 May, 2014, a group of 15-20 junior and senior scholars will gather for an expert meeting on “Public Discourse on Religion and Homosexuality in Europe”. The aim of the expert meeting is to exchange ideas on the study of the intersection of religion, the post-secular and homosexuality. The focus will be on questions such as: What are currently the most important cultural and religio-political configurations influencing the shape of debates on religion and homosexuality in various European contexts? Which theoretical and methodological approaches have been proven to be most fruitful in the study of religion and sexuality in the public sphere? And what are in various national contexts the concrete cultural expressions where religion and homosexuality are presented as oppositional or contested concepts? In addition, the meeting will contribute to the building of an international and interdisciplinary network of experts in this area.

The expert meeting takes place on Friday 16 May from 1.30 – 5.00 pm in Utrecht. It is organised by the research team of the Contested Privates project of the Amsterdam Center for the Study of Lived Religion and the Utrecht Chair of Religion, Gender and Modernity. Anyone interested in participating can apply by sending me an e-mail.

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