Welcome to my website. I’m an Old Catholic theologian and scholar of religion, sexuality and gender. I have published in several journals, edited volumes, magazines, and newspapers, and co-edited one book and five special journal issues. I have taught courses at Utrecht University, Radboud University and the University of Amsterdam. My fields of interest – and, who knows, expertise – are Augustinian Studies, Christian Ethics, Christology, Cultural Studies, Old Catholic Theology, Pastoral Theology, Queer Theology and Biblical Studies, Radical Theologies (esp. Radical Orthodoxy), and Religion and Secularism.
This website is mainly devoted to my scholarly work. I currently don’t have a paid research position at an academic institution, but I try to do a bit of research and writing in my free time, as an affiliated researcher at the Old Catholic Seminary. I spend most of my time working as an executive secretary and programme manager (0.4 FTE) at the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (NOSTER) and as the rector (0.4 FTE) of the Old Catholic parish of St. John the Baptist in Gouda.
his website also has a ‘Bureau Derks’ section, which provides information (in Dutch) about professional services (editing, lecturing, translating, organising, etc.) I have offered over the years – I am currently only available for small services.
If you have questions of any kind, feel free to contact me.