Welcome to my website. I am a Dutch scholar in the area of religion, sexuality and gender with working experience as project manager, teacher, editor, and translator. Having completed an MA and an MPhil in Theology, I am currently employed as a PhD Candidate (promovendus) at Utrecht University, where I work on a doctoral dissertation in the NWO-funded project “Contested Privates: The Oppositional Pairing of Religion and Homosexuality in Contemporary Public Discourse in the Netherlands” (2013-2017).
I have published in several journals, edited volumes, magazines, and newspapers, and have co-edited two special issues of a journal. My publications until 2013 are in Dutch, but in 2014 I started publishing in English. I am particularly interested in the fields of Augustinian Studies, Christian Ethics, Christology, Cultural Studies, Pastoral Theology, Queer Theory/Theology, and Radical Theologies (esp. Radical Orthodoxy).
I am chair of the PhD Network Utrechtmember of the PhD Council of NOSTER, member of the steering committee of the Gay Men and Religion Group of the American Academy of Religion, and a reader of the Old Catholic Archdioscese of Utrecht.
This website is mainly devoted to my academic work. Besides, the ‘Bureau Derks’ page (and subpages) provides information in Dutch about the professional services (editing, lecturing, translating, organising etc.) that I have offered over the years. As I am currently fully employed by Utrecht University, I do not have time to do freelance work anymore, but some of these activities are now part of my job at Utrecht University.
If you have questions of any kind, feel free to contact me.